2009 - Paper - "A Workbench for Analytical and Simulation Based Design Space Exploration of Software Defined Radios" (details)
at 22nd International Conference on VLSI Design.
2008 - Diploma Thesis (incl. presentation) - "A Workbench for Constraint Driven Software Defined Radio System Development"
at Institute for Integrated Signal Processing System.
2007 - Seminar Thesis (incl. presentation) - "Zeitinkonsistenz und Umlagefinanzierte Alterssicherung" (engl. translation: "Time-Inconsistency and social security") at Lehr- und Forschungsgebiet Allgemeine Volkswirtschaftslehre und Finanzwissenschaft.
2007 - Successfull (top 10) participation in business plan contest in association with a RWTH Aachen University spin-off.
2006 - Seminar Thesis (incl. presentation) - "Diversifizierung im europäischen Gasmarkt zur nachhaltigen Lösung der Versorgungssicherheit am Beispiel LNG" (engl. translation: "Diversification in the european natural gas market as sustainable solution of supply guarantee exemplified by LNG")
at Chair of Business Theory, Ecological Economics and Industrial Management Control.
2006 - Project "Parallelizing Traveling Salesman Problem on ARM MPCore Platform"
as participation in the NOKIA and EECS competition "The Challenge of Embedded Multiprocessor Platforms"
2006 - Student Research Project "SW Task Performance Estimation in Early System Level Design"
at Institute for Integrated Signal Processing System.
2006 - Seminar Thesis (incl. presentation) - "Shannon Duality between Channel Capacity and Rate Distortion with Geometric Programming"
at Institute of Theoretical Information Technology, see announcement.
2006 - Paper - "A SW Performance Estimation Framework For Early System-Level-Design using Fine-Grained Instrumentation" (pdf)
in proceedings of DATE 06.
2005 - Seminar Thesis (incl. presentation) - "Transaction Level Modeling am Beispiel des Simple Bus" (engl. translation: "Transaction Level Modeling exemplified by Simple Bus")
at Institute for Integrated Signal Processing System/Software Systems on Silicon.